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ecbi - The European Capacity Building Initiative

About ecbi

ecbi is an initiative for sustained capacity building in support of international climate change negotiations. The ecbi aims to promote a more level playing field between government delegations to the international climate change negotiations, and to facilitate mutual understanding and trust - both between European and developing countries and among the developing countries.

Consolidation and devolution of national climate finance: The case of India

National and international finance is increasingly becoming available in developing countries to address climate change for both mitigation and adaptation. However, existing (domestic) arrangements for climate finance are often dispersed and fragmentary, and lack clear goals and strategies, therefore allowing for neither efficiency nor accountability.

This ecbi Policy Brief by Anju Sharma, Benito Müller, and Pratim Roy examines the governance arrangements for climate finance in India, and proposes the creation of an Indian National Climate Fund to pool climate finance from different national and international sources, to channel it to the State and local levels.

The Fund should seek to 'consolidate without centralisation', and to devolve decision-making on the use of climate finance to local governments...

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Engaging Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in developing countries

On 5 March, the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Secretariat published a Board Paper and Draft Decision on ‘Additional Modalities that Further Enhance Direct Access: Terms of Reference for a Pilot Phase,’ putting forward recommendations to the GCF Board on how to operationalise the ‘Enhanced Direct Access Pilot Phase’, which was agreed during the last Board meeting that took place in Barbados in October 2014.

The Draft Decision is ‘to launch a Request for Proposal to countries through their national designated authority or focal point and public media to competitively select subnational, national, public and private entities for the implementation of 5 pilots with a total of US$ 100 million, including at least 2 pilots to be implemented in small island developing States, the least developed countries and African States’...

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Consultation with African negotiators in Geneva

On 11 February, in the marginss of the ADP Geneva session, ecbi Executive Committee members met senior members of the African Group of Negotiators (AGN), including the AGN chair Nagmeldin Elhassan, for a consultation how the ecbi could support AGN members in 2015. It was concluded that, funding permitting, the ecbi should in particular renew its two annual regional training workshops for Francophone and Anglophone AGN members.

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The Future of the Adaptation Funding and the Adaptation Fund

What is the future of adaptation financing under a new global climate agreement and beyond the UNFCCC? What role will an actor such as the Kyoto Protocol Adaptation Fund, which strengthened country ownership by pioneering direct access, play as a result of ongoing efforts to rationalize the global climate finance architecture with the full operationalization of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) as a new major player?

These are some of the questions that were put to the participants of a discussion meeting convened by the Heinrich Boell Foundation North America and the European Capacity Building Initiative (ecbi) on 7 December 2014 (during UN Climate Conference in Lima/Peru). The conversation was kicked off with a short presentation by Benito Mueller on the future of the Adaptation Fund (see below)...

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"The ecbi policy briefings and the pre-COP meetings help us to have clear position in the different pillars of the negotiations."
Gebru Jember Endalew, The Climate Change Forum, Ethiopia