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ecbi - The European Capacity Building Initiative

About ecbi

ecbi is an initiative for sustained capacity building in support of international climate change negotiations. The ecbi aims to promote a more level playing field between government delegations to the international climate change negotiations, and to facilitate mutual understanding and trust - both between European and developing countries and among the developing countries.

UN climate negotiators learn to trust at Oxford summer camp

Envoys go back to boarding school in effort to build understanding ahead of proposed 2015 climate deal.

Interview by Sophie Yeo (RTCC) with Benito Müller (Director ecbi) on the ecbi Oxford Fellowships and Seminars

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Brazil officially submits the Dynamic Contribution Cycle

On 6 November 2014, the Government of Brazil officially submitted the Views of Brazil on the Elements of the New Agreement under the Convention applicable to all Parties to the UN climate change negotiations regarding the new agreement which is meant to be agreed on in Paris at the end of 2015. The submission contains a number of important ideas that might well provide in the next negotiation session in Lima a way out of some of the current negotiating deadlocks, among them a "Dynamic Contribution Cycle" and an "Aggregate Consideration Process".

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A Dynamic Contribution Cycle: Sequencing contributions in the 2015 PARIS Agreement

In their Scenario Note on the sixth part of the second session of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action (ADP), the ADP Co-chairs emphasized that “it is essential to use the October session to make significant progress in clarifying and advancing the content of the 2015 agreement, to build bridges and to work together on outstanding issues. In particular, it will be important in the October session, to further clarify and flesh out the operational aspects of the agreement. Key challenges that will need focussed attention in our work include: deepening the understanding on the longer-term cycle of contributions/ commitments, including its periodicity (length) and the functions of the steps proposed, such as any periodical consideration or assessment and review”.
This ecbi/OCP Concept Note by Benito Müller, Xolisa J...

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Green Climate Fund takes giant leap for multilateral finance

On Monday 13 October, the ecbi GCFB Caucus convened a discussion meeting on Enhanced Direct Access for Members and Alternates attending the eighth meeting of the Green Climate Fund Board in Bridgetown, Barbados. The discussion was kicked off by a presentation of a recent ecbi Policy Brief on the topic, representing the latest findings in a multi-year research effort (as recorded at

The GCF Board took a giant leap for international climate finance by initiating a Pilot Phase for Enhanced Direct Access. Under this innovative access modality, developing countries are given the option not just to endorse but to approve activities for GCF funding. For more on the significance of this decision, see the latest OCP blog.

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Oxford - home of the ecbi project
Latest Publications
A Dynamic Contribution Cycle: October 2014  (525 kb).
Oxford Seminar Report 2014: September 2014  (1024 kb).
ecbi Phase IV Proposal: June 2014  (988 kb).
ecbi Phase IV Proposal: May 2014  (1024 kb).
Reflections on the Berlin Mandate: May 2014  (152 kb).
"The ecbi is the only initiative implementing items .. of the LDC Work Program under Article 4.9, particularly strengthening negotiation capacity"
Bubu Jallow, Chair of LDC Expert Group